Thursday, March 6, 2008

Horton Hears a Who Q &A: Steve Carell and Jim Carrey


Q: Both of you remain generally surprised in your success that you've attained and you pinch yourselves you
wonder why it is how you become such a click in your success and my second part of the question is, you
know this this recent video on Ben Affleck you know Jimmy Kimmel did this thing I was wondering…

Carrey: I didn't touch him.

Q: does it feel to be part of that legacy?

Carrey (to Carell): You know about these?

Carell: So you're asking if I'm fucking Jim Carrey? I think it's great that there's a press junket for Horton Hears
A Who, that speaks to all the kids that are going to be here.

Carrey: That’s a good tack to take on this.

Carell: And our FOX friends are…are...

Carrey: They're going to love it.

Carell: I'm too horrified right now… No, that’s not a legacy that I am…umm, straining to be a part of in terms
of pinching myself about success…All day, everyday I owe a lot to Jim frankly for any of my success.
Essentially the first movie I was in was Bruce Almighty and I never got auditions for movies and it was one of
the first I've ever gotten and so I…

Carrey: Stole the whole fuckin' movie!

Carell: I never… I said this to Jim a week or two ago I said -- I remember watching Liar Liar thinking, that
looks like the most fun you could possibly have, just being on set… and at the end the outtakes -- I just thought
that just looks like a part in my wildest dreams and didn’t think I would ever be a part of that and a couple
years later I was so…yes I'm still pinching myself.

Carrey: He did an amazing job and he's done that ever since.

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