Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"I've met Steve Carell!" - stories

I thought your story really deserved an own entry in the blog, doodle, so I'm making this the 'I met
Steve - report' post!

If you or someone else is so lucky to meet or see Steve (again) please post a report in the
comments or in the chatbox!!

For now just imagine it would have been you :-) :

From Doodle

March 2008

funny story: my wife and a couple of friends went on a walk which went past his house - hoping
to see him - but we didn't - and when we ended our walk at our friend's house - i looked over at
the intersection - and he was in his car at a redlight - i freaked out a little bit - and told everyone
to look over - and they did - i think steve noticed it all - so embarassing!

August 2008
... i have exciting news! the wifey, the little dog, and I were on our usual evening walk and
right as we turned the corner by steve's house - his gate opened!!!! and out came a porsche
with steve in it! my wife and i tried to act cool - so we didn't wave back but then he waved!!!
AWESOME! and i waved back...but i don't think he saw me - so then i felt bad...because of
course I want him to think I like him - because he is awesome! my favorite actor...but now
that he waved first we definitely can wave first next time! we're like real neighbors now! with
the same birthday! mine is this saturday as well...i'm really proud of it...anyway, who's
jealous???!!! YEAH!

October 2008
it finally happened! i was getting gas a couple blocks away from my apt - and steve pulled in
to fill up his tires! i said "hi mr. carell" and waved and he said "hi!" and waved back! AWESOME!


wandering.soul said...

Where does Steve Carell live anyways?

button said...

He lives in Toluca Lake, California.