Monday, April 14, 2008

Night Of Too Many Stars

Watch the highlights of the show at: You can also donate there!
Here's the video of Steve's appearance.

Interview with Jon at the after-party:
Jon Stewart made note that his former Daily Show reporter Steve Carell is among the finest in
the business: "[Carell] kills me.... You can't believe he's actually going to physically go through
with his routines,
" Stewart said. "A lot of guys would just pull back on the bit, but he forces
himself through. I remember one time on the show him eating Crisco. We could've put
anything in there. We said, 'Steve, we can make this vanilla icing,' but he wanted the Crisco,"

Stewart laughed.


Marie said...

Thanks :))))))))

Anonymous said...

Very funny, this reminds me from that Crisco episode too! I love Steve

button said...

Yes me too!
Here's the link to this daily show segment:
If anyone from Canada wants to watch it too, let me kow!