Friday, May 16, 2008

Access Hollywood videos:

Steve Carell Talks Hosting 'SNL' Finale & 'Office' Spinoff

Steve Carell Rehearses For 'SNL' Finale

NBC News interview bts of SNL (do NOT watch this, if you don't want to know what happens
in The Office season finale!!) -> shorter version of that interview without spoilers here.


sherry said...

OMG! One Word for Steve on the motorcycle....HOT!!!!

button said...

Only language difficulties keep me from putting it into words how much I agree with you!!!
He looks very delicious in the interview too!!

sherry said...

Lol button, I hear that. Man does he even realize how goodlooking he is? He makes my heart flutter Whew! Thank you so much for this video it made my day:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve, I almost got an hart-attack. He is so damn HOT!!! And sherry, I agree, especially on that motorcycle. And I love when he starts to dance and almost cracks up. Gotta love him <3 Thank you so much button.

Marie said...

I agree with you all people.

I especially love Steve singing!!

Maybe one day we'll see him in a musical..