Monday, June 16, 2008

Get Smart tibits

- Get Smart featurette: Steve tries to speak French, German and Italian

- Listen to the full Get Smart press conference here; transcript

- Anne Hathaway on Jay Leno, talking about Get Smart and Steve Carell

- Transcript of 'Sunday Morning' on CBS, tipster: eep

- Interview: Steve Carell is as surprised as anyone by his success, tipster: claudia

- ..."[The age difference] was always a concern for everyone," Hathaway said. "But there is
something about when Steve and I are next to each other, at least for me. I feel like our age
really disappears. We get along so well."... article:

- article: dailytelegraph
Get Smart promotional photoshoot !!

- article:

- ...“I worked out and made my body a physical specimen to be much admired,” Carell teases.
“Actually, I tried not to get killed. That was my M.O. on ‘Get Smart:’ stay alive.”... article:


Marie *Soft Creations* said...

The photoshoot images are just too gorgeous. I think they are so dynamic together. Hope they will work together again.

Thanks for this great update!!

button said...

I really like these pictures too!