Friday, June 20, 2008

Article: 15 Fun Facts About Steve Carell, tipster: Marie

Pictures: Candids of Anne & Steve departing LAX Airport on June 20th

Video: Anne Hathaway telling a story about Steve drinking absinth

Youtube: CBS Eye To Eye, TVguide: 1, 2

Steve on E! Daily 10

Video: Interview at

Interview: Ten Questions for Steve Carell at (with audio)

Video: Full interview backstage from the Get Smart screening at (several clips)

Steve and Nancy at the charity screening of Get Smart in Boston

Article: Striking a Balance Between KAOS and CONTROL, tipster: suebeedoo

Video: Fans first reactions to 'Get Smart'

Pictures: Marie made some screencaps with Steve and Anne -> link

Video: Steve Carell and Peter Segal - behind the scenes

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