Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Links part 1

- Steve Carell Says He’s ‘Abolutely’ Down For ‘Anchorman’ Sequel

Get Smart stuff:
- Steve and Anne will be at the Soho Apple Store in NY on June 18th source
- A few more or less new Get Smart TV spots have been uploaded on youtube
- Completely new Get Smart trailer
- Interview with the cast of Get Smart
- ‘Get Smart’ Press Conference at the Beverly Hills, California on May 31, 2008 ->
. .bigger pictures at the MTT message board

- 2 new youtube videos: tipster suebeedoo
- Spelling Bee 2008 Will Ferrell & Steve Carell
- Believe in Steve Campaign video

Old stuff:
Link from Marie: - Steve and Nancy 2005 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals
Links from suebeedoo: - pic of Steve jogging Sept. 06, - interview for a hockey magazine

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