Sunday, August 24, 2008

'Get Smart' promotion leftovers

- New pictures from the ShoWest photoshoot, tipster: Devin

- Behind the scenes pictures on Peter Segal's myspace, tipster: Devin

Press junket videos:
- fandango, tipster: adfa- thesun, tipster: suebeedoo
- part 1, part 2
- matt&jo, tipster: Devin
- Yahoo!Espana, tipster: adfa
- Yahoo!Mexico
- Buzzine Bollywood

- Videos: - Steve and Anne MMVAs '08
...............- Max 60 Sec with Steve and Anne

- Eep scanned the Total Film July issue for us:

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flamingokid said...

Thanks for the article Claudia, but I wonder why journalist keep insisting Evan Almighty "bombed?" Actually, it did good box office and was no worst than a couple dozen other films that came out last year.