Friday, February 27, 2009


- "Steve Carell - This Is Your Life", made by debski

- Michael Scott tribute video, made by HerRandomness

- Steve was one of the presenters at the WGA Awards on February 7th, source

- Interview: 'The Office' director Ken Kwapis talking about Steve Carell, tipster: Meg


jantoyourmichael said...

Hey here are some links to an interview I found on the red carpet. Don't know if you already have it. V. brief so up to you whether you post.;video;11


button said...

Thanks for those! I added the links to the VIDEOS section.

Ashleyhexum66 said...

This is an office fan video done by Brad E. And Ashley G. It has top honors on youtube and was mentioned by jenna fischer AND rainn wilson! Check it out!!!

button said...

Yes I saw that, that video is genious!