Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Dinner for Schmucks' news

- The film is scheduled for a July 23, 2010 release, source

- Ron Livingston Pulls Up a Chair

Oct. 11, 2009- Bruce Greenwood and David Walliams invited to 'Dinner', tipster: pomkiwi
Sept. 19, 2009- Stephanie Szostak has been cast as the female lead
Aug. 22, 2009- Zach Galifianakis is in talks to join the cast
Aug. 6, 2009- UK actress Lucy Punch Joins 'Dinner for Schmucks', tipster: suebeedoo

- I found a little bit more about the plot of the film in this article:
... Paul Rudd stars as an executive at a private equity fund, where the bigwigs delight in having dinner parties
wherein they bring guests so stupid or boring that they can have fun mocking them. Rudd’s character thinks
he’s got it made when he finds the ultimate loser: an amateur taxidermist named Barry who creates religious
and historical tableaus using dead mice — Steve Carell. Of course, things turn out very differently than planned.

Mar. 4, 2009- Roach's 'Dinner' table finally set
'Schmucks' comedy nearing the start gate.
Carell and Rudd are clearing their schedules to begin shooting the pic in October.
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