Monday, August 3, 2009

"I've met Steve Carell!" - stories

Hi I'm Dalmeister and here's my experience:

I met him at a cafe-bar called Pick me up located on avenue A of New York, I was with my parents
when I saw him arrive with another guy, i just could not believe it, i did not stop looking at him the
whole time, then my sister told me hey let's go get his sign and i was like oooo ok then we got close
to him and my sister said hi steve and he said hello, and so we asked him for his sign and he said of
course, i tell you guys i could not say anything i was in shock. then we said thanks steve you're so
cool and we left. i know, i should have said something but i just could not. then we left an he stayed
at the place, and that's it.
i know it's not a big deal but i consider myself lucky for those ten minutes i saw him that day.

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Anonymous said...

Not a big deal? No way! That's a huge deal! I am so jealous of you!