Saturday, August 15, 2009

'The Office' set visits

from the TCA Press Tour

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A little excerpt:

There was also considerable talk during the Q&A about the changes that have gone on with the characters of
“The Office” since the series began. Two of the most notable: Steve Carell’s hair and weight.

“Part of the evolution was between that pilot and Season Two, I lost about 25 pounds, in part because of ‘The 40-
Year-Old Virgin,’” explained Carell . “That sort of formed the look partially there. I think that first year, the look
was really scary. I don’t know if there was any word from the hierarchy at NBC that he needed to be at least
reasonably watchable, but there wasn’t any big conscious decision. The hair just changed a little bit and got a little fluffy.”

“Part of the character changed, though,” noted Daniels. “Michael was more an antagonist in the first season, and,
you know, became much more a person that you rooted for. So you had to root for somebody with less hair gel.”

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