Saturday, October 3, 2009

EW on the set of 'Date Night'

Steve Carell, on his costar Tina Fey: ''We've never actually worked together. I guess the perception would
be because our shows are so close together that there would be an overlap, and we're both from Second City,
but she was a couple of years behind me there, so we never actually performed
together. And it's funny,
because I FEEL like we've worked together. And on th
is movie I felt like there was a common ground from day
one — a mutual
respect and understanding.''
''She's incredibly easy to work with — obviously she's smart and funny and charming, but I think people are
going to be surprised by the depth of her acting...she's a really good actress. She's such an excellent
improviser, impeccable instincts. I like the whole experience of wor
king with her — we have an easy
relationship with one another, both professionally and personally — she's just a NICE person. And I think it
hows. Everything you would expect her to be, she is. Our styles worked together well.''

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