Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shawn Levy talks about 'Date Night'

... "It is a Thursday night wet dream, Date Night," Levy said.

This isn't just a vanity piece either. The film will feature both comedians' unique voices, and the humor you're
familiar with from their past work. "Any great comedic star does punch up on the script and does daily punch up
on the script via improvisation. So, with Tina and Steve, both of whom are writers, we forget Steve wrote
40-Year-Old Virgin with Judd Apatow."

Fey's punch up included her Emmy Award winning staff. "So we had a really great script that Tina and her 30
Rock staff polished up before we started shooting. Then I had the added benefit of Tina Fey on my set every day
with Steve Carell. So every day we'd shoot the script and then we'd shoot several options that were often as funny."

The Night at the Museum director also assured fans that this would be a grown-up comedy. "Date Night is my first
definite non family film."


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