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Debski's story of meeting Steve Carell

Sep 2011

Hi guys, just want to share with you that I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Steve 3 times at
the Premier in Melbourne, got tkts to the cocktail party - he is so kind and patient with all his fans
I even got on TV with him signing my arm - he remember me meeting him last year outside the set
of the office in LA - he sent me a photo with a little msg but I never really knew if it was him or not
he asked me "did you get the photo I sent you"? I was so amazed that he remembered that - I have
followed his career for 10 years and he is so nice/hot/skinny/blah blah but it's true. I then was
lucky enough to get tkts to see him on the 7pm project - again he waved to me, smiled and then gave
me 2 tkts to see CSL again....what can I say - everything you think about him is true, just the best

thanks everyone for saying nice things - (Hans) I sent him a letter thanking him for stopping his car and talking to me
on the side of the road for 25 mins out side the set of the office in LA - (My 2 daughters were with me) and they had
taken me to LA for my 50th b'day and have spent the past 10 years knowing how much I admire Steve - I put a self
addressed envelope in his letter just in case and about 4 months later I received a signed photo and he said "Hey Deb,
it was a pleasure to have met you - hope you had a great time in the States, Best Always, Steve Carell" - and thanks
(flamingokid) for saying I am his no. 1 fan in Aust - I think I am and what a guy to have a crush on. He really is the
perfect guy/husband/dad. Thanks for letting me share this with you all.

Hi (Julia), when Steve chatted to me and my 2 girls in LA outside the office set I was very mindful to be respectful of
his marriage/family etc. so I immediately talked about Nancy and his kids – I also had my 2 girls with me and I have
been on my own with them for 25 years so we connected on that level because I was able to tell him (and he could see)
just how lucky I am to have 2 amazing girls
we also chatted about Australia and he told me how much he liked it, we talked about comedy and I was able to tell
him that the reason I love his comediy is because he is not a "try hard" - he agreed and told me that the people that
really make him laugh are the ones who are not trying to be funny. We also talked about Tina Fey (he had just finished
Date Night); Ricky Gervais - he said he really liked him; he told us good places we should see in LA; that he had just
had Rove and his wife over for dinner (they are doing a project together with Steve's production company); I was also
able to hold it together long enough to try and explain the effect his has on people like me who for whatever reason
have made a real connection to him - I told him how when my girls left home I was kind of lost for a while and his
movies/tv/interviews etc. really filled some sort of void for me - the most beautiful thing he said was "well Deb, if my
kids ever do something as wonderful as what your girls have done for you (bringing me to LA) then I will lknow I've
done something right...and you must have done something right". He gave me a hug goodbye and I actually kissed him
on the cheek - he also hugged both of my girls (they are27 & 29) got in his porsche and drove away. Now don't get me
wrong Steve fans, there was not one second during my meetings that I haven't felt like acting like a complete moron
and jump all over him and tell him how much I love him....but as a fan I also have to realise that although I feel very
familiar with him (just by watching hours and hours of interviews etc); he really doesn't know me and I tried so hard
to be really respectful and hopefully he could see we were all genuine people. He did say to me on Monday night that
he never ever stops outside the Office, as there are usually a lot of fans - we were just very lucky I guess and I would
like to think that me being such an avid fan, who has dreamt of that moment for so many years, was repaid by 'The
Universe' for some reason - I certainly feel very lucky as I have got to meet him 3 times now and that is something I am
extremely grateful for. He really is the person we all think he is - just as beautiful on this inside as on the outside - it is
obvious how much he loves Nancy and his kids - restores my faith in men. thankyou all for being so kind and happy for
me - it really has meant a lot to me. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Apr 2010

ok everyone...I hate to brag but.....I met Steve! My daughters gave me a trip for my 50th to LA
and New York, whilst in LA I just had to go and see the office building....long story but I waited
for about 7 hours outside the building, Steve drove out and we waved and told him we were from
Australia, I spoke to him in his car and then....he pulled his car over and chatted to me and my 2
daughters, we had out photo taken with him....everything you could possibly think about how
nice he is - times it by 100 because he was so lovely, kind, sweet, not to mention hotter than any
picture could show. It meant so much to me because I've been a loyal fan for about 7 years and I
can't describe what that 15 minutes has meant to me...he is simply the best! I tried so hard not to
be a crazy fan but inside I was shaking - it is going to be a huge year for him and he deserves
every good thing that comes his way. Thanks to you Button for this amazing site xxxx

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