Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steve Carell And Sandra Bullock Attached To Star In 'The Abstinence Teacher' Adaptation

"Little Miss Sunshine" producers Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa and Polly Johnsen are prepping an
adaptation of Tom Perrotta's 2007 book "The Abstinence Teacher." And high-profile talents Carell
and Sandra Bullock set to star.

The story follows a liberal-minded divorcee in middle America, a sex education teacher who doesn't
see eye to eye with the more conservative folks in her community. A wrinkle enters the story in
the form of the teacher's daughter's soccer coach, a born again Christian whom she falls for. Bullock
would presumably take the teacher role and Carell, the coach.
- source, tipster: suebeedoo

Sandra Bullock Not Practicing Abstinence with Steve Carell
A report claiming that Bullock has signed on for the flick is not true.
The indie drama will reportedly be directed by Carell's Little Miss Sunshine codirectors Valerie
Faris and Jonathan Dayton.
- source, tipster: claudia

UPDATE 2: Johnjay and Rich radio interview:
Is it true you’re due an upcoming movie with Sandra Bullock?
SC: You know, I read that, but there’s no truth to that at all. No, apparently we’re both doing this
movie called 'The Abstinence Teacher' and I was sent the script but neither of us have signed on to it.

'The Abstinence Teacher', that sounds intriguing.
SC: It’s interesting, it’s an interesting script. It was based on a novel, but I don’t know, I’ve never
even met her, so that I think is a bit erroneous.

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