Sunday, October 3, 2010

Night Of Too Many Stars

The event will premiere on Comedy Central on Thursday, October 21. >Info<

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( top 5 favorite moments)...The awkward moment where Steve Carell auctioned off the chance to to hold his
hand while he faked an orgasm and yelled the winner’s name onstage. Two women won, and one of them
happened to be Naomi Watts. Too bad no one onstage (Jon Stewart included) seemed to recognize her. Steve
Carell had to ask her name several times in fact. She was a good sport about it though, and ponied up $10
grand for the pleasure...

...Comedians Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell put on a song-and-dance homage to the Hero of the Hudson
that left us convinced that Sully's life is "Rock of Ages!" with an emergency water landing. Backed by a seriously
swivel-hipped, white-mustache-wearing chorus line, Colbert and Carell donned captain's hats and epaulets to
sing, "Everybody's Talking 'Bout Sully," probably the only song we've ever heard with the line, "Suck it,
geese!"... source

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