Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elo Moto's story of meeting Steve Carell

Sep 2011

OMG i just met Steve Carell at the Melbourne premiere and i got hes autograph :)
i havnt got a pic with him but i got plenty pics of him i was so close to him i could reach out and
touch him and i heard every word he said wen he got interveiwed i could almost trach out and
touch him OMG and the way he signed it he put it on his leg yummy oh and he came over i was like
hi Steve and he was like heyy i was all so on tv aaaaah he can look bak at that im so friggen HAPPY
yay and he was wearing hes glasses OMFG he looks so hott in person im amased his 49 years old
hes so cute we were bout to get a pic with him but he had to go get interveiwed :( doesnt matter
and his laugh and smile there both so cute and adorible at the same time LOVE U STEVE

thats me in the blue jumper im not looking that exciting i think my heart was pumping so hard
that i couldnt even smile dont no if thats possible lol um but yer i was so happy to see him trust
me i was smiling the whole way through :)

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