Monday, October 31, 2011

News Roundup - part 2

- "Once" director John Carney is in final negotiations to direct Carell's drama "Dogs of Babel"
source, tipster: claudia

- Further casting updates for Burt Wonderstone:
Olivia Wilde is in talks to the play love interest to Carell's magician.
Steve Buscemi will tackle the role of his longtime friend and former partner.
James Gandolfini will be an owner of a casino.
Jim Carrey is playing the magician who represents the new face of magic.

The movie is scheduled to go before cameras in January.
sources: moviehole, variety, hollywoodreporter
tipster: claudia

- Interview with Nancy Carell @ boston college
tipster: Vicky

-Interview with Steve Carell from 2010 @ northwest life
tipster: claudia

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