Friday, January 20, 2012

News on 'Foxcatcher'

- Channing Tatum talked about Foxcatcher in a recent interview with Collider:
You can watch it here (min 10:10-11:44)

... I don’t know if we’re doing it this year. I’ve committed, I definately want to do it for sure. I think
he [Bennet Miller] is talking about Steve Carell for playing DuPont and I can’t wait for Carell to try
out next something a little more heavy and serious 'cause I think for sure he has it in him. And
DuPont is a little bizarre, he’s a little bit bizarre of a person and I don’t think there‘s anybody better
to play an entirely believable, a bit off-kiltered, kind of crazy person, but yet very very sweet at
times and very sort of scary at times.
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