Sunday, March 11, 2012

Steve Carell Buys a Fantasy World in 'Magic Kingdom for Sale'

Steve Carell is attached to Magic Kingdom for Sale—SOLD!, a comedy based on the book of the same
name by fantasy author Terry Brooks. In the book, Ben Holiday, a widowed lawyer, finds an ad in a
Christmas catalog for a magical kingdom. With $1 million to spare, Holiday purchases the kingdom
from the mysterious Mr. Meeks and finds himself transported to the world of Landover. When he
arrives, Holiday discovers that the kingdom is in turnover, and must unite the citizens and creatures
of the world in order to stop an evil demon from wiping them all out.

The comedy was originally set to be directed by Stephen Sommers, but is now without a director.
Akiva Goldsman is still attached to produce.

source, tipster: Fridáa

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