Friday, July 6, 2012

Jennifer's encounter with Steve Carell


Without a doubt, July 2012 was a busy but exciting month for me as a Steve Carell fan. Not only was
I still on cloud 9 from seeing “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World” (twice) in June and
highly anticipating “Hope Springs” due out in early August, but I was excited to know that Steve was
back in Massachusetts to enjoy the summer with his family as he usually does. However, this
summer, Steve’s part time residing town of Marshfield, Massachusetts was also the site of where he
was filming his new movie “The Way, Way Back”. How convenient for him. I have lived in
Northeastern Massachusetts all of my life and I have been a Steve fan for almost a year now and the
thought of me driving down to visit Steve’s Marshfield Hills General Store never seriously crossed
my mind. (This is mostly because I could never find ONE friend who actually wanted to do it). On
Friday, July 6, I randomly decided to make the 62 mile trip down route 93 and route 3 to Marshfield
to check out his store. When I got off the exit ramp, I hoped that my GPS on my phone would not get
me lost as I ventured through Marshfield looking for the store. Thankfully, I seem to have navigated
the area with no problems. The store was on a rural road and if I did not read in an article that you
could “almost drive by it”, then I would have driven by it. When I walked in, I thought it was the
cutest thing. It is very quaint with a New England charm. One can definitely get a sense that
community is important to Steve. Anyway, it is small but crammed with stuff. I kept thinking to
myself, “Be careful! I hope I don’t knock anything over!”

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