Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Steve Carell and Tina Fey to link arms again with 'Mail-Order Groom'

The pair is attached to star in this film from the writers of "Bad Santa."
Warner Bros., which is developing the movie, is looking for directors.

In "Groom," a single woman orders a mail-order groom from Eastern Europe -- and lo, he turns out to be
Steve Carell.

Fey's played the role of the single woman who resorts to desperate measures before, in " Baby Mama," the
surrogate-mother comedy in which she starred opposite former "Saturday Night Live" costar Amy Poehler.
Carell hasn't previously starred as a foreigner on the big screen, but producers are hoping the bumbling
antics he's tried in movies like "Get Smart" translate here.

Development projects come and go, but this one looks to be a priority for the studio, which has a short
window in which to shoot, given the actors' busy television schedules. They're tentatively targeting March
or April, which would mean that by 2011 everyone could be looking at Carell and Fey on the big screen -- again.

Full Article: Los Angeles Times, tipster: angelsfaith

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